I've always been fascinated by the way music can speak to us so powerfully and how it bypasses interpretation. In conventional human communication research shows that we perceive a message and then have to interpret it in order to make sense of it. Music pushes that cumbersome process aside and speaks directly to our emotions. It conjures up memories so vivid we can almost taste and smell them, it flings open a window and penetrates our ignorant darkness with  insight. It can inspire us to courageously stand up for our principles, and can also convince us to give up our long-held beliefs and embrace change.

The other interesting thing about "music as communication" is it's not the same for everyone. Music that speaks deeply to me may say nothing to you. Or it may speak powerfully to the two of us in completely different ways. I may write a song intending it to have a certain effect, only to discover that it has a completely unintended impact on the listener or no impact at all. Music is an enigma and I like it that way.