Although I'm confident the title needs no explanation allow me to flesh it out a little. If you're like me you've been burned enough by sneaky auto service professionals to leave you permanently suspicious of them. Especially the guys in oil change centers where you walk out paying $100 bucks for a $30 oil change. Somehow they manage to talk me into paying them to change filters in my car that I'm pretty sure don't exist!

So now I get to tell you about Jiffy Lube in London Ontario, Canada. I had my oil changed there less than a month ago and every time you visit them they put a sticker in your window telling you what your odometer should read when your car's ready for its next oil change. The last time I had my oil changed there they told me I was good for another 10,000 kilometers. Now a few weeks later I look at the sticker they put on my window and its telling me I'm ready for another oil change. What, I've driven 10,000 kilometers in a few weeks!? Well I did take a trip into the States. It didn't feel like 10,000 kilometers but...the sticker doesn't lie. Knowing something was odd I drove my car back to Jiffy Lube for my next oil change. As they're guiding me in one of the guys comes up to my window and says, "Hey, I recognize you. You were here just a few weeks ago. You don't need an oil change yet!". I say "Ya, it feels too soon but the sticker says I'm do for an oil change already." The guy takes a look at the sticker and says "Sticker's wrong. You're good to go for another 4000 kilometers".


He could easily have smiled and started changing my clean oil and I never would have been the wiser. He could have separated me from $70 or $80 of my hard-earned dollars and laughed at me with the rest of his buddies as I drove away. But he didn't!

His decision made a big impression on me. That kind of integrity always makes a big impression on me. I have deep, abiding respect for those that live life by a strong moral code they don't deviate from even when no one is watching. Do you know someone with this kind of integrity? Are you this kind of person? I try to be, but often fail. I'm glad I sometimes meet people like this Jiffy Lube attendant. They challenge me and remind me: nobody's perfect, but I should never stop trying to be better...